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So I felt like writing a thing!

January has been moving by so slowly. 2014 was a breeze, went by so, so quickly! But the second that it struck midnight on Jan 1st I have felt at a stand still.

We're waiting to close on the house that Jade, her mom and mom's husband and I are going to move into. It's a really nice house and Jade and I will have our own rooms AS WELL as a third room!! We want to put all of our collections in there and make it the "art room" so lots of table space and just art supplies galore. a perfect room for focusing on artwork in!! I'm excited. The TV will be going out in the main living room as well, so unless Jade and I watch things on her laptop there won't be much visual distraction in the art room. And our bedrooms will be nice too!! I'm really excited to start moving stuff over there and unpacking. So ready.

But like I said, things are moving slowly. In early February I will be taking a trip to Santiago, Chile to see one of my best friends ever, Kuri!! She came to see me last year and now I'm going to see her! I have never been to the southern hemisphere before. We are gonna draw all the things and do so much. I'm trying to learn as much spanish as possible, but I'm told Chilean spanish is so hard for even native non- chilean spanish speakers to understand so... I'll probably need Kuri to translate for me 99% of what is being said haha. She said a lot of the people she knows know basic english though!! It will be very interesting for me! When I went to Japan with Jade we were in a group of other foreigners as well, so all of us spoke English by default in our group. But in Chile I imagine everyone will speak spanish among each other because??? That's probably what they always speak to each other lol!! I'M SURE people will interact with me of course and say things in english to me, so that will be nice. I really doubt I will be able to even say baby phrases in Spanish. Even though I feel like I've learned so many words I know so very little. I couldn't say much at all if you asked me. Plus, reading and speaking are totally different and I will sound very foolish ahahaha... a little nervous about that. Also in Chile they greet with a "kiss" on the cheek (touching cheeks!) This is something I, as an american, am not used to! But I welcome it, I'm excited to see how that goes hahah! I'm sure it will catch me off guard even though I'm aware of it.

I am also incredibly excited for Chile because it will be summer there!!!! How I miss summer... This winter hasn't actually been that bad, but I still felt the S.A.D. effects that I normally do. Just not as drastic as last year (hello polar vortex.) When Kuri picks me up from the airport we will be going straight to the beach!!! omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;___; sun and sand yay.........

In other news, while I got approved at work for my vacation time off for Chile, I wasn't approved to take time off in March to see Alex. Which completely devastated me at first. But Alex and I briefly talked about having him come to Kentucky to see us instead, even though we're working... it would be so nice to come home to Alex every night!!! It would be so nice to see him!!! so soon!!!! The tickets are pretty cheap right now too, so I think it would be worth it. Plus, I wouldn't be losing any pay for not working because.. I'd be working!! and seeing Alex after work! Sounds like the plane ticket could pay for itself lol. ... Sort of. Whatever! I'm about to call him on Skype and talk to him some more about it. :) I really hope this pans out!! I'm excited for his spring break all over again.

So yeah that's been my life as of recent!! We will probably start moving into the new house soon after this weekend. I hope so!
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life update!

SO It's been a very long time!!! like almost half a year since my last journal update. daaamn. A lot has happened!

For about 3 weeks in June/early July Jade's friend Alex came to visit. They met online years ago through some friends and were friends ever since, and having him come visit (their first time meeting!) was super fun. He's a really great person and so fun to hang out with! I liked him right from the start, and I started liking him enough to have a crush on him... So I took the first step and just straight up told him that I liked him, not knowing if he was interested what-so-ever. It was a bold move, but it ended up working out splendidly! Because Alex is now my boyfriend!!!!!

I have a boyfriend now! Before he flew back to Utah we were really torn on whether or not we should try the whole long-distance relationship thing. Both of us had previously had negative experiences with LDRs before, but we hit it off so well that we decided to give it a go! And let me tell you, it's been wonderful. Of course we miss each other like crazy, but I love this guy more and more every day. It's been a little over 2 months now, but it feels like it's been forever. Maybe 2 months isn't enough time to fall in love, but uh, I guess I'd have to disagree with that haha. We were both very deliberate with our feelings and made absolutely sure of what we felt before voicing our feelings for one another. It feels like we've really been taking things slow!

I just feel really, really happy and we're so good with one another! I'm really happy!!!!! Alex and I won't get to see each other until March, at the earliest. I'm not sure how that will work out, because I have to ask for the time off at my new job!

I don't work at the movie theater anymore because I got a position at DHL, where Jade works!! And GET THIS: I even work in Jade's department, at the same time and NEXT TO HER DESK! Jade and I carpool together everyday! It works out really well :) This job pays way, way more than my theater job ever did and it's ten times easier. It can be a little complicated trying to get used to all the rules and stuff, but once you know all the rules it's just looking at a computer screen and clicking things while listening to music and sitting in front of a toasty space heater. Super easy, and it pays well!!! I'm really glad to have money again and I'm saving up!

I've just generally been much, much happier lately. I guess having an awesome boyfriend and an awesome job can really do wonders for your disposition! I think the only thing that I've been disappointed about is my own artistic growth. It's my own fault for not trying hard enough. Sometimes I wonder if I have what it takes to even be a part of the industry. It's my dream, but dreaming isn't enough. I'm never gonna get there if I don't work at it.

Anyway that's all I can think about to write! Seriously I post all my life happenings on twitter, much better place for daily updates. I have moved on from LJ so much lol, even though I don't really want to...? No one posts anymore including myself, twitter is where everyone is at! But I like twitter a lot more than LJ so YEAHHH.
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Kuri's Visit!!

One of my best friends ever, Kurisquare, came to the States on Feb 19th and stayed until today, the 27th!

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All in all, I had a terrific time. Kuri and I have been friends for so long and after meeting her it's become that much more clear to me that she really is one of my best friends ever. I mean, I knew that already, but after hanging out in person I just feel like there are people you are meant to be friends with, you know?? Kuri and I are alike in so many ways and we are passionate about lots of the same things. I'm just so glad we met, so glad we just happened to like tmbg and she learned english because honestly I would have never talked to her?? if she hadn't learned english??? Gosh I just have so many more feelings about this friendship than I thought!!! I really think we were meant to be friends somehow. It's so unfortunate that we happen to also be on opposite sides of the planet...

We dropped her off today and we hugged a lot and we were crying ahah oops.... and when we watched her get past security I was crying too and when we got home I was crying off and on all evening. Honestly the sadness was absolutely crushing me. I've dealt with depression and anxiety in recent months, but nothing like just pure sadness. I sought help by venting on twitter and lots of people gave me their support and suggestions, which really helped me. Typing this entry about Kuri's visit really helped me too! Remembering all the fun things we did has cheered me up. I knew I would be really sad to see her go but I guess I didn't anticipate how much it would hurt!! After this whole visit I just knew that Kuri was someone I would love to hang out with on a frequent basis but sadly that cannot be... which crushes me!!! augh.

I'm never on the computer as much anymore, and Kuri isn't as much either I don't think. We used to talk on AIM a couple years ago like everyday, but eventually we moved to emails and tweets because really we were never on at the same time anymore I think?? and ever since I moved here to KY I've barely been on my computer at all, let alone any messengers. Now that I've spent the past 8 days straight talking to Kuri I will probably want to email her and tweet her even more... oops. :')

Anyway I'm not sure how else to end this, so....

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Thank you to those who commented on (or read) my journal last night. I was having a rough night.

Today I went in again and basically filed stuff for 30 minutes and then sat and watched Monty work again for a few hours. I actually got to try some of the stuff though, but mostly it was just Monty telling me "click this, open this, look for this" in like 5 different programs so it was pretty confusing. He made the phone calls though.

Bruce pulled me aside and told me the only Data Entry position he could find was a 5am position. I told him I would think about it, and he said he'd keep looking for me in the meantime. Eventually I approached him and respectfully declined the 5AM shift offer. I would not be able to do that.......... So then Bruce was like "Well, how about we just end your day now, then?" and I agreed and told him I'd rather not waste the company's time or money. So he walked me out and we both said we'd give a call to my temp agency. I left them a message stating very clearly that I did not take this job because it was customer contact (phones) and that I was not comfortable with it, that I initially took a test for Data Entry and I was under the impression that they'd find a Data Entry job for me. ...I don't think I sounded that snarky in my voicemail, lol. But they'll probably call me in the morning. Hopefully they can place me somewhere else. It would have been nice to work where Jade does, though. Oh well...

Anyway, I just made a new portfolio website for myself! It doesn't have anything on it yet so I won't link it, but if anyone out there is looking for a professional, easy portfolio host: Check out CarbonMade!! It's really easy and looks really nice! Even plush artists or sculptors, check it out!

I think "I really need to draw every day" but I actually need to just start... doing that.
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Jade's birthday party/summerween party was awesome! If anyone here on my flist likes Gravity Falls, then you'll know what I'm talking about! Everyone who came dressed up, it was amazing! We had terrible candy and jack-o-melons, ahhh. :) We'll probably be uploading the pictures tomorrow somewhere, maybe on LJ even woahh! I still need Gravity Falls icons, what is wrong with me

Now marks the Japan trip count down! I kinda knew this would happen, I was totally not even letting it phase me, not even when it was 2 weeks away... but now that it's about to be just 9 days away???? uhm holy shit. It's sinking in now. I feel like I'm not prepared at all but honestly there's probably not much we need to prepare for??? It's 10 days lol. I am crazy excited, it's only just now sinking in but wow we will be going to Japan and we will see the Japanese stuff

Jade and I have been sick for the past week, and wow I'm tired of it. X( I was feeling so fine on Thursday I think? Like I was sick before but then totally better by thursday. But then I resumed my shitty sick feeling or something. eughh. Our new local friend Christian should be coming over to visit tomorrow too, so idk how that's gonna go down. I do want to hang out, but damn I feel like shit lately.

I am making a plush for Jade's birthday present. Hopefully it'll turn out good!!! I have high hopes for it.

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I think Zoe burned her feet today...

it happened while I was napping on Jade's bed, but I heard a noise and I looked up and Zoe was there with a huge poofy tail, like she was scared. there were cardboard pieces from our collection projects on the floor in a different way than before my nap, but I didn't realize it until I woke up.

When Jade came upstairs, she noticed there was a cup that spilled over. It wasn't full of a lot of water, just a little. But I figured "oh, that's what must have happened, she tipped it over on herself or something"

But then Zoe didn't want to enter Jade's room, and tip toed very timidly into the room if she did. She kept looking up on the desk, at the lizard tank. Then Jade noticed that the lizard lamp wasn't exactly where it was supposed to be. It was pushed over a little bit.

I think Zoe must have jumped up onto the tank and stood on the wire where the lamp was, but realized too late that heat lamps are really fucking hot and the wire covering was super hot. She must have jumped back into the cup and then knocked the cardboard away when jumping down.

She hasn't been limping or anything, but I checked her feet and her front paws have very pink areas. her pawpads are normal pink, but some of her toes look very bright pink. :( And now she keeps looking at the tank and skittering away. At least it'll keep her from going near the lizards again...

sigh, I just feel awful about it. She's my baby, and since she's been here she's been attacked by another cat and then burned. Hopefully no other mishaps will happen to her from now on...

Idk if I should get some aloe cream for her feet? Probably not, I'm sure she would just lick it and it could be unsafe. :( hm.
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This is my most favorite youtube video ever and since it's St Patrick's Day I get to show everyone on all my websites without feeling bad

I can't wait to move btw, have I mentioned that?
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Today my grandma had some of her friends over and she usually does most of the talking wow she talks a lot!!! But lol at one part she started talking about me and my art once I walked by and she started telling them how I'll be moving in May and she said

"She works so hard at her full time job, comes home and continues to work on her art until 1am sometimes, gets up and does it all over again! It's about time she did something fun in her life."

And wow like I... I think about this sometimes, sometimes I feel utterly useless because I get so little work done. Sometimes I don't even recognize this trait in myself. But she does and she said so, she actually sees how much I work. It was so validating to hear her say that to her friends that I almost started crying lol, wow........... I know some people who just see art or sewing as just a hobby or that I'm doing it just for fun, but... it's fun sometimes but it's so much more vexing than they can imagine. I get the impression from some people in my life that they assume I just sit on the computer after work. And trust me, I'd be the first person to tell you I didn't get much accomplished in an evening.

But I already work full-time and as motivation-draining as that can be, I work anywhere from 1 to 4 hours a night on personal projects or otherwise. I am always working, I always have a to-do list. When I went to jade's for a week with no projects planned I felt so weird, kind of bad even, because it's just not natural for me to literally have no WIPs to work on.

Maybe that's why I get so frustrated sometimes, because I feel like I work so much but I don't have much to show for it... I wish there was a way to survive on just my art.

Today was the first day of daylight savings and wow I fucking loved it, the sun stayed up past 6 and even into 7! wow. I can't wait for nicer, sunnier days. I think I will literally cry from happiness once it starts warming up, my stuff gets packed, things happen... I'm really excited to move.